The Legend of Chuck Lee Swim School


The Legend of Chuck Lee Swim School

From a refurbished sign to a studio-wide design movement

Taylor Reed

Our initial brief was centered around creating an environment for our clients workspace along the California coastline. This piece is inspired by both the old motels that line Highway 101 and the ecosystems within tide pools along the central coast where our client's HQ is located.

The next day, two of our designers found themselves in a secondhand goods emporium, scanning the shelves for materials and inspiration. Under a dusty cluster of flat files was an old galvanised steel sign, which illegibly read "Chuck Lee Swim School"...



Ecosystems signify the way in which LinkedIn builds connections and fosters collaboration. After restoring this old sign it now hangs in LinkedIn’s HQ creating an atmosphere and narrative that works its way through their campus. Welcome to the LowTide Motel, full of good vibes and unlimited connection to grow your network.

Digging up this old relic stuck with our team and the Legend of Chuck Lee Swim School lives on. Upon its inception back in 1957 Chuck Lee Swim School provided connection for its community and within our studio the initiative lives on.

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Chuck Lee Swim School tote bag design. Learn to swim the Chuck Lee way!

Our studio loves to screen print. We have a rolodex of patterns, past designs, etc. which weave their way into the pallets we consistently create.

This design found its way onto company wide t-shirts, tote bags, and Christmas presents. Notice small details such as the marlin logo tattoo of the original CLSS sign and a custom typeface developed to match the refurbished sign. Yes were are a bunch of design nerds.

Other Works

Within the LinkedIn space you will find creations centred around their locality and company culture.

What makes Carpinteria and LinkedIn such a unique and exciting place to call home? Through layers of visual graphic elements we tell the story of Carpinteria and how the elements come together and create this unique ecosystem.

Our work is a combination of collaborations. Designers, artists, fabricators all play an equal role in realizing the final outcome of our concepts. For this project our designers worked on everything from concept to design to fabrication and installation.

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