Immersive Events and Exhibitions

Immersive events and exhibitions

Bringing people together for the joy of expression


Experiential Art Events

Physical connection is vital to the human experience. We’re always dreaming up new ways to activate artists’ creative work and further amplify their stories.

Whether it’s an in-person exhibition that provides context around a body of work or an immersive experience that showcases multiple forms of art, we’re always dreaming up new ways to bring creatives together #ftjoe.

Sonic Sensorium: A multi-sensory experience

Mr Doodle: Live art event

Past events

Root Down was a series of intimate live music nights will a full open mic policy, celebrating the best up and coming talent.


Creating moments around the monuments, our team can plan and host unique launch events that celebrate the artist and their work.

Repeat Repeat: Chris Page

Botanica: Claire Luxton

Past exhibitions

Artists @freabuckler and @thedesignpageexhibited works exploring the idea of repetition through color, form, and pattern.

MOTOWN MAGIC: Martin Grover

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