Acrylicize Mix 04: Frankie Altamura


Acrylicize Mix 04: Frankie Altamura


Mix 04

Senior Curator Frankie Altamura has assembled an eclectic combination of contemporary musicians who all share a connection to the visual arts.

She has created an emotional voyage, transversing from Lafawndah’s ‘Daddy’ full of drama, to the haunting melody in Aftab’s meditative track ‘Mohabbat’. Lafawndah’s delicate voice dances on the rhythm of her song turning the aggressiveness of hip hop into a melodic journey while Aftab constructs an unstoppable wave of emotion, finding beauty in a sense of longing. Frankie compliments these poetic tracks with atmospheric instrumentals from the local London DJ, Coby Sey’s ‘Petals have Fallen’ which spans the realms of live instrumentation, classical and experimental music. If you can, try to see how these musicians are linked to the art world!


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