Celebrating the vibrancy of the NoMa community


Celebrating the vibrancy of the NoMa community

Uplifting community mural commissioned by LCOR in collaboration with Red Swan

Jo McLaughlin

Acrylicize collaborated with Red Swan: a woman-owned, Baltimore-based mural studio to create an uplifting artwork reflecting the energy and vibrancy of the NoMa community.

Washington DC is a kaleidoscope of cultures; a city with rich local traditions made even brighter by diverse transplants and thriving immigrant communities. Inspired by this idea of a DC as a confluence of people and ideas, Red Swan chose to feature migratory birds that frequent the area— an Indigo Bunting and a Yellow Warbler.

The mural also incorporates playful background elements, blending multicoloured gradients to evoke a sense of union and togetherness and floating dots with scribbled lines to lend levity to the composition; creating buoyant energy that is fitting of NoMa’s exciting future.

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