Purchasing and commissioning works that support local artist communities globally

Championing artists

Creativity is in our blood. Our founder James is a practicing artist. We’ve supported over 2500 artists globally and counting, with a focus on emerging talent.

Supporting communities

We develop pieces that reflect the distinct identities of the communities we work in, helping to embed art and culture into urban regeneration.

Protecting the arts

Opportunities are fast diminishing for artists to make a living. We take enormous pride in enabling the commercial sector to support and further artists’ careers.

Investment opportunities

Guidance on conserving and preserving artwork and advice on collection management, cataloging, and insurance, all to help you maximize your investment.

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Curation That Connects Communities

Art has a remarkable ability to engage and connect communities, bridging gaps and encouraging dialogue to help build strong relationships between people and space.


In conversation with: Eva Lynen

We sat down with Eva Lynen, illustrator and visual artist, at her studio in Brussels, to discuss her inspirations, future plans and her works that were commissioned by Acrylicize for WPP’s Brussels Office.


In conversation with: Studio Lenca

During our visit to TKE Studios in Margate, UK, we had the pleasure of meeting with Studio Lenca. We learned about his unique approach to breaking down barriers through his work, and how he challenges traditional narratives.


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