In conversation with: Eva Lynen


In conversation with: Eva Lynen

Martin Mayorga

We sat down with Eva Lynen, illustrator and visual artist, at her studio in Brussels, to discuss her inspirations, future plans and her works that were commissioned by Acrylicize for WPP’s Brussels Office. Eva’s work revolves around storytelling, with her environment playing a key role in her creativity.

Could you give us a quick introduction of who you are and a little about your practice?

I’m active as an illustrator and visual artist. I see myself fundamentally as a storyteller. These stories are built up with invented characters and locations, sometimes based on my personal experiences, but often on the everyday banality of life. The different characters interpret these stories, which result in large and playful images in which colour and composition play an important role.

Can you tell me a bit about the works that Acrylicize commissioned from you for WPP and their new campus in Brussels?

The initial drawing I did was made as a sketch for a mural open call, for a piece that would have been at the entrance of the WPP office building. The mural itself didn’t materialise in the end, but I loved the design and story so much that I finished the sketch anyway, which was featured as part of the project - the drawing reflects the vibrant life of Brussels. Some of the other works are images I created last year while experimenting with a future project. I was testing new ways to work with materials I was already using, such as pencils, ink, and acrylics. They are all tests of the subject and characters of a book I’m working on, separate to the WPP project.

My studio is my home, and I like to be surrounded by books and objects that inspire me - it’s important that the space shows my world and personality.

Where do you most enjoy creating work? (What's a usual day in the studio for you?)

It depends - there are days or weeks I’m constantly in my studio, working on paintings and assignments. But there are periods when I work outside or on locations elsewhere, especially when I work on murals or other bigger projects.

Visiting The Art House LND

What have been sources of inspiration for you lately? (Any books, movies, music, fashion, etc...?)

Inspiration comes from everywhere, I like to think that I can filter everything around me into two ‘piles’ in my head. One pile is full of stuff I like to use in my work, and the other I discard. This can be words, pictures, people, and conversations I’ve been a part of or overheard, or even things like patterns I’ve
seen on someone's jacket.

WPP Brussels

What projects or plans do you have lined up for the future?

Right now, my focus is on illustration assignments and my paintings. Looking further ahead, I’m working on a graphic novel, and trying to expand my horizons, creating projects elsewhere - I’d like to get inspiration from a different environment.

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