In conversation with: Studio Lenca


In conversation with: Studio Lenca


Born in El Salvador, raised in San Francisco, Studio Lenca’s childhood and lived experiences have shaped his art in fundamental ways. We worked alongside the artist to curate a series of works for Knotel, to inspire a new community.

Acrylicize curator, Martin Mayorga, visited Studio Lenca at TKE Studios in Margate, UK, to learn more about his beginnings, how he sees his work as a method through which to break barriers, and how he chooses to subvert traditional narratives.

Like with dance or theatre, improvisation in his process produces art that flows organically, with a focus on protagonists that act as abstract metaphors for themes like immigration, identity and place.

“The space is very weighted, with a lot of history. To have me - a Salvadoran, queer LatinX artist - in the space, it’s subverting the narrative in a way.”

Studio Lenca

Studio Lenca x Martin Mayorga

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