Behind the Mural: MessyMsxi for LinkedIn Singapore


Behind the Mural: MessyMsxi for LinkedIn Singapore

Frankie Altamura


Singaporean artist, MessyMsxi, creates a three-story mural for our project with LinkedIn in Singapore that examines the delicate environmental balance of the Port of Singapore.

Zi Xi Tan, also known as MessyMsxi, creates artwork that reflects the essence and heritage of her hometown, Singapore. Rather than solely focusing on the importance of the harbour for the city's social and economic growth, the artist brings attention to the recent initiatives aimed at conserving the area’s marine biodiversity and aquatic environment. Through her mural, visitors, clients, and employees of LinkedIn are taken on a tour showcasing the bustling port activity alongside the thriving seafloor.

Singapore boasts over 250 species of coral, which accounts for approximately one-third of the world's coral species. These coral reefs serve as crucial habitats for marine creatures that rely on them for food and shelter. With the city's busy port, the impact of shipping and port activities on the marine ecosystem remains a significant concern for both the city and the artist herself.

MessyMsxi with her mural at LinkedIn Singapore


MessyMsxi was commissioned to create a mural based on Acrylicize's design scope, which included custom environmental graphic design and wayfinding schemes. Our curators provided her with Idea Cards, which helped her understand the desired colour palette, tone, and connection to the local community.

Keep scrolling to dive into her creative process, and peek at reference images, initial design concepts, and descriptions from the artist herself about what inspired her to create this stunning piece.

Behind the mural

Uncover the detailed process involved in its creation.

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