P.A.D. x Acrylicize: Artists in Residence


P.A.D. x Acrylicize: Artists in Residence



Since June 2023, The Art House New York has worked alongside P.A.D. (Project Art Distribution) to host short-term rotating residencies of contemporary up-and-coming artists within our Jay Street studio. The residency provides one solution to an ongoing problem; there are an endless number of talented artists, but so few opportunities for them to explore, exhibit and develop their work. We see the collaborative residency with P.A.D. as a step to opening up these opportunities, and a meaningful way of investing in and connecting with local artistic communities.

Ten artists, each with their own totally unique practice, have passed through our space since the start of the collaborative residency - here’s a quick look at the journey so far.

What is P.A.D.?

P.A.D. stages single-day exhibitions primarily on the streets of SoHo (NYC), as well as at galleries, art fairs, and museums across the world. We’ve always looked for ways in which our work at Acrylicize can transcend traditional gallery spaces, P.A.D. shares this ethos. The works on view are sold and distributed for under $75 as a way to make ownership of contemporary art more accessible, and to support local artistic communities in and around New York.

P.A.D. draws its inspiration from a number of sources; from the vendors and hustlers in New York City, to the alternative contemporary artist spaces inspired by Robert Filliou's Galerie Légitime, David Hammons's Bliz-aard Ball Sale, and Lucy Lippard's very own PAD/D (Political Art Documentation and Distribution) - an American leftist art collective based in New York City dedicated to artistic political activism. Founded in 2017, P.A.D. has hosted over 50 exhibitions, making exhibitions for over 200 artists. Impressive is a massive understatement.

What does the residency look like?

The program offers artists the space, guidance and support to pursue their practice in any way they see fit, over the course of 4-8 weeks. Many of those who have participated so far find themselves having to work one or more jobs aside from their practice, and being part of the program gives them the time to really focus on creating and evolving their work. Each resident has had a highly tailored experience; depending on their work schedules or project focuses, our studio and its resources have been utilised in plenty of different ways.

Rachel Hillery runs a miniature bookmaking creative challenge with our team

Artists are also given the chance to work alongside the Acrylicize team each day, and immerse themselves within our culture. This includes running creative workshops in the studio, 1 on 1 mentoring sessions with an Acrylicize team member, and of course, sitting down to eat lunch and chat about their practice – if you follow us on socials, you’ll know we love a lunch.

“Speaking 1 on 1 with the Acrylicize team throughout my residency was honestly transformative.”

- Xinan Helen Ran

AiR Creative Challenges

TMCC is a mainstay at Acrylicize. It is a studio perk where we designate 30 minutes every week to creating and connecting as a team. Here’s a few snaps from TMCC’s run by P.A.D. residents since the program’s inception. Each artist tailored their challenge to reflect their artistic interests.

Interpretative charcoal drawing with Alina Yakirevitch

Paper self-portrait making with Sonya Derman

Watercoloring with Baillie Vensel

Performance score and found object sculpture making with Simon Benjamin

Citrus scent making with Xinan Helen Ran

What’s next?

The residency program is set to continue throughout 2024, and we can’t wait to see who’ll be walking through the door next. As always, The Art House New York will continue to serve as a dynamic hub for P.A.D. residents, creating an environment where they can freely collaborate and experiment.

Keep posted on the residency by following Acrylicize, The Art House and P.A.D. over on Instagram.

Artists in Residence:

Sonya Derman

Rachel Hillery

Simon Benjamin

Kevin Dudley

Meredith Klein

Baillie Vensel

Xinan Helen Ran

Damali Abrams

Gustavo Murillo

Amra Causevic

Alina Yakirevitch

Kathleen Granados

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