The Plywood Mural Art Project


The Plywood Mural Art Project

As the world grappled with the challenging effects of lockdown measures on society at large, our creatives in Seattle took it upon themselves to use this experience positively. The goal – to inspire and uplift their local community through art.


Coordinated by Ballard Alliance and Overall Creative alongside Seattle-based artists, business owners and craftspeople, the Plywood Mural Art Project sought to revive the bleak landscape created to protect closed businesses during lockdown by inviting local creatives to express themselves through murals and street art.

As beautiful artwork began to pop up all over the city, two of Acylicize’s designers, Taylor and Sean, couldn’t help but get involved. Check out below to learn about the inspiration behind their murals, and how taking part has brought them even closer to Seattle’s thriving creating scene. 

Taylor Reed (@tay__reed

“Stillness is something that allows us to slow our pace and notice hidden beauty. It makes us realize what’s most important: How important our community is to our mental health, how fragile our planet is and the importance of protecting it, and how maintaining the balance between reflection and progression is the key to happiness. Go Easy, Stay Busy Livin.” 

Taylor Reed (@tay__reed

A: What was your favorite thing about taking part in the project?

Taylor: Being part of the community on a larger scale. Staying busy during a time of isolation and focusing on uplifting others rather than focusing on myself. 

Sean: The affirmation of creating art, which grew from the “thank you’s” by various passerbys. The sense of community, from those who live on the streets, to those on an afternoon walk, all who become leveled under these circumstances and all that remains is an undercurrent of humanity that ties us all. 

A: Which other artist’s work inspired you from those that took part?

Taylor: The “Tiger King” mullet by Bailee Hiatt on Rudy’s Barbershop made me laugh. 

But overall it was really inspiring seeing all the artists come together under one common concept. There were some fun moments where you could walk in a city block and run into 10 different artists painting murals while no one else was out. The community that creates is inspiring. 

Sean: While the art is undoubtedly beautiful, meeting the personalities behind the paint inspired me to connect more to the artist community in Seattle. Kathleen from Overall Creative connected me to the opportunity and I am grateful for her time and dedication to this project, as well as looping me into it. 

A: What does this project say about the creative scene in Seattle?

Taylor: Even with all the new technology-based companies moving into Seattle it’s times like these show us there is still a thriving art scene. I think like many places the creative scene in Seattle is very inclusive and this was very evident in this project. 

It has been awesome seeing people’s reactions to all the Seattle murals through social media and via the news. Hopefully, they do something with all the art after ‘shelter and place’ is lifted. 

Sean: Like being at the beach on a low tide in Seattle, when you lift up the rocks and see all the beautiful little creatures that reside below, turbulence can be a motivational force to creative expression. With all the businesses, bars, and restaurants closed, there is an opportunity to add color to a bleak reality, and that’s where Seattle artists stepped up!

Sean Williams (@sean_evergreen)

Sean Williams (@sean_evergreen)

“It was a pleasure to work alongside my fellow Seattle artists to animate and beautify these plywood panels. Serving a functional security purpose, they now also act as symbols of how the arts can inspire and raise our spirits in dark times. My concept is “House, party of one” demonstrating how self-isolation can lead to positive introspection. It is also a time to be humbled by Mother Nature, and to collectively “dance” for humanity as we safely keep a distance.

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