Public Art

Public Art

Turning spaces into places with meaningful public art
Turning spaces into places with meaningful public art

Public engagement

When creating art for public spaces, we engage in dialogue with the local community to ensure the work we produce best serves the people who’ll experience it.

Space planning

We’re committed to turning spaces into places through collective experience and meaning, so we spend time exploring what constitutes success for the environment and its inhabitants.

Creative development

We focus on creating moments not monuments, delivering placemaking interventions that push the possibilities of public art as we know it.

Project delivery

Our expertise covers all aspects of project delivery from permits and risk assessment to structural engineering and installation logistics across busy sites.

All ‘Public Art’ Projects


The Plywood Mural Art Project

As the world grappled with the challenging effects of lockdown measures on society at large, our creatives in Seattle took it upon themselves to use this experience positively. The goal – to inspire and uplift their local community through art.

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