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Creating a sense of calm and oasis in an urban setting for the Canary Wharf Group.

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We created a curatorial strategy that established a sense of place for the Canary Wharf Group’s network of urban neighborhoods.

Nestled at the heart of Canary Wharf’s bustling financial district, the group’s residential masterplan has been designed with a work/play ethos. Through bespoke art curation across four sites, we wanted to echo the creative vision of the award-winning architects who helped bring the spaces to life. Complementing the architectural and interior ambition of each site, we sought to connect residents to the water and green spaces below, bringing a sense of calm and quiet to the steel and glass structures.

curation strategy workshop

Installation: Charlie Oscar Patterson

Concept & approach

From ideation to delivery, explore our journey working with the Canary Wharf Group.

location: Wood Wharf

10 George Street

10 George Street won the best BTR award in November 2020. The collection comprises a carefully selected series of photography, paintings, and limited-edition prints paired with site-specific installations, enriching the communal areas and spaces across the building and creating unique moments for pause and reflection.

Working with interior design studio Angel O’Donnell, we used playful yet refined artworks to form meaningful connections with the residents, elevating the experience as they navigate the building. Communal spaces engage the senses and help foster a greater sense of community, promoting a sense of wellbeing.

Artist: Mo Cornelisse | Image Credit: Angel O'Donnell

Artist: Mo Cornelisse | Image Credit: Benjamin Swanson

We used playful yet refined artworks to form meaningful connections with the residents

Chantelle Purcell | Lead Curator Acrylicize

Left: Lauren Baker | Right: Massimo Colonna | | Image Credit: Benjamin Swanson

Meet the artists

Get to know some of the artists featured at 10 George Street, Wood Wharf.

Mo Cornelisse

Lauren Baker

Hormazd Narielwalla

Bonnie & Clyde

Charlie Oscar Patterson

Massimo Colonna

Peter Monaghan

Reeta Ek


Artist: Alejandro Urrutia | Image Credit: Benjamin Swanson

Artist: Charlie Oscar Patterson | Image Credit: Benjamin Swanson

Artist: Hormazd Narielwalla | Image Credit: Benjamin Swanson

Aritst: Archidreamer

Location: Canary Wharf

10 Park Drive

10 Park Drive features an impressive collection of sculptures by Gareth Griffiths, a member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors. We aimed to capture the grand scale and form of the building. The materiality of the building is expressed as a solid block, with carved out recesses articulated by fine metal detailing.

The commission features 53 unique works inspired by areas along the Docklands and the unique architectural details of the building. Each sculpture is delicately welded together and powder-coated in bright colors. Capturing the elegance, vibrancy, and convergence of communities.



Location: Canary Wharf

8 Water Street

Home to 174 apartments, the low-lying nature of the building allows residents to feel intimately connected to the water and green landscaping below. Curation for this space focused on tactility and materiality, creating a link to geological strata and nodding to our relationship with the elements around us.

The collection experiments with ideas of monumentalism, antiquity, and permanence, capturing the unique spirit and materiality of the space and connecting us to ourselves, the environment, and the elements.

Artist: Ash Holmes | Image credit: Canary Wharf Group

Artist: Tom Fabia

artist: rubeena Ratcliffe

Meet the artists

Get to know some of the artists featured at 8 Water Street.

Rubeena Ratcliffe

Rachna Garodia

Fenella Elms

Jean Duruisseau

Ashleigh Holmes

Jaco Putker

Bernhard Lang

Nadia Attura

Tom Fabia

Ivan Hoyos Freyre

Location: Canary Wharf


Newfoundland -- nicknamed the Diamond Tower -- rises 58 stories above the River Thames and is the tallest build-to-rent building in the UK. As a building set apart by its iconic design and skyline views over the Docklands, we wanted to reflect this sense of innovation in our curation.

The inspiration for the collection comes from the building’s unique name and the story of unexpected discovery behind it. The site was built on a former car park that the Canary Wharf Group wrongly assumed they didn’t own. When they discovered their mistake, they christened the site Newfoundland. Through the curation, we explore the intersection of new mediums and digital montage embodying modernism, reflection, and unexpected discoveries.

Artist: Ewan David Eason

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