'Aspect' for Telford City Council


This playful installation brings social media filters to real-world situations.

Telford City Council


The viewer’s initial interpretation of the area is altered when peering through the filtered frames, creating the illusion of a new and fantastical landscape.

Telford in Shropshire is reinventing its town center with the groundbreaking £250 million Southwater development. Aspect was created to be a focal point for the new urban square and landscaped park, an interactive installation that encourages playfulness and a sense of community. The experiential piece is a physical manifestation of the social media filter, creating colorful photo opportunities IRL. Each frame is covered in a dichroic film, which allows some colors to pass through whilst others are rejected. Peering through the frames creates the illusion of new and fantastical landscapes.

Behind the build

Dichroic film results in an abstracted and manipulated view.

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