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Artistically encapsulating the role that the University of Washington’s Medical Building plays in the lives of its students, staff, and the wider community.

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Our work at the University of Washington’s Medical Building seamlessly blends natural elements and the institution’s core values.

Commissioned by the Washington State Arts Commission in partnership with University of Washington (UW), a sculpture and accompanying murals embody the nurturing environment and growth provided by the university’s medical programs. At the heart of the project is the 'Nurse Log' sculpture, a 15-foot-tall concrete archway edged with iodized copper. This monumental piece invites students to walk through and explore its intricate details, symbolising a nurse log - a fallen tree that decays to provide essential nutrients for new growth.

Situated prominently within the landscape of the UW Medical Building, the sculpture serves as a metaphorical backbone for the community, representing the support and care that are fundamental to the university’s culture. The lustrous copper against the sturdy concrete evokes the protective bark of a tree, highlighting a sense of nurturing and support integral to UW’s ethos.

'Nurse Log' embodies the nurturing environment and growth provided by the University of Washington's medical program

Feature wall

The mural inside the Medical Building is eye-catching with its multidimensional design.

Composed of over 60 distinct pieces, made of reclaimed wood, MDF, paint, and vinyl, the mural illustrates the life cycle of a fallen tree nurturing a thriving ecosystem. It is prominently displayed in the lobby, integrating phrases and imagery contributed by students and faculty, celebrating their collective values and aspirations. The use of wood from felled trees on the UW campus adds an authentic, localised touch, connecting the artwork to its environment and context.

Public Mural

Complementing these installations, the exterior mural infuses vibrancy and energy into the public space

Created with latex paint, this mural portrays the diverse flora of the Pacific Northwest through intricate patterns and shapes, representing the diverse individuals and communities associated with UW’s medical programs. This piece narrates the journey of aspiring healthcare heroes in their pursuit of knowledge and innovation, celebrating the role of students and their significant impact on these communities.

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