Harwell Science and Innovation Campus

Harwell Science and Innovation Campus

Art enters the heart of Harwell Science and Innovation Campus, in the UK's 'Golden Triangle' of Oxford, London and Cambridge.

Didcot, Oxfordshire
Life Sciences

When art and science collide, amazing things can happen.

Through large-scale murals created in-house by our design team, and the curation of artists that work at the intersection of art and science, we show how art can help make sense of complicated scientific theories, whilst positioning Harwell Science and Innovation Campus at the centre of the UK's scientific universe.

The creative and strategic inspiration for the project stemmed from ‘The Powers of Ten’, a set of iconic documentary films created in the late 1970’s that examine the relative scale of the Universe according to an order of magnitude based on a factor of ten.

Harwell Science and Innovation Centre, Quad two

Storytelling through environmental graphic design

“This project demonstrates the power of good design: it allows a wide variety of theoretical concepts to spring to life.”

Lawrence Stewart, Midweight Designer at Acrylicize

Micro to macro, and back again

Our bespoke artworks take viewers on a visual journey from micro to macro, centred around the Harwell Campus. Comprised of two large murals, each piece examines our world on a cellular level, slowly zooming outward to articulate Harwell's innovative role within the world of science, and highlighting their contribution towards progression in the sector.

Behind the process

Take a look at how we created the bespoke murals for the campus, taking cues from the world of science and the Power of Ten films.

curation that marries art and science

The artists we curated for the project were specifically chosen due to their connection to the worlds of art and science, and their understanding of how these intersect and overlap.

The work on show nods to the history of science, celebrate its relationship with art and how this contributes to progress and innovation, and champion the exciting work done in and around the campus.

Journey of Curiosity, Cymaglyph Mandalas Series 2022.

Journey of Curiosity, Cymaglyph Mandalas Series 2022.

The curated works use shape and pattern to examine our world on a microscopic level.

Katy Sayers Green, Coat of Many Colours Series 2022

Katy Sayers Green, Coat of Many Colours Series 2022



Jo McLaughlin

Gavin Boorman

Lawrence Stewart

Connor Rankin

Sean Drennan


Katy Sayers Green

Journey of Curiosity

John Buck

Amelia Coward

Iona Hutley

Jo De Pear


Connie Wright

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