LinkedIn New York

LinkedIn: New York

Experiential design schemes and curated works of art tie together multiple floors within LinkedIn’s New York office in the Empire State Building.

New York, NY


LinkedIn in the Empire State Building is transformed, through commissioned works that draw on local talent, and bespoke graphics that echo themes of discovery, opportunity, craft, perspective and growth. "Your Personal Journey" is a global branded scheme that puts the individual at its core and reinforces LinkedIn’s positioning as a platform that acts as a guiding light, that helps people through their professional and educational journeys on a pathway to success.

The company’s vertical campus is built to facilitate connection, mixing the hustle and bustle of New York City with LinkedIn's values. Our work is designed to reflect how people engage with the LinkedIn platform, and how humans can expand their horizons through the symbiosis of community, space and technology.


High-traffic areas within the offices are transformed into pathways filled with color and joy.

The project consists of commissions of New York-based artists, open calls in collaboration with the School of Visual Art, and numerous works created by our in-house team. Commissioned works, by Emma Safir and Carlos Rosales-Silva, balance calmness and excitement, and prompt viewers to reflect on how memories are captured, framed, and stored.

In collaboration with the School of Visual Art alumni network, we facilitated an Open Call for current students and recent graduates. The resulting works are designed to represent a pathway towards success for LinkedIn employees, clients, and reference archetypes of New York buildings and the staff who are part of LinkedIn’s success.

Dana Robinson, "Stand Up Comedy" (2022)

Carlos Rosales-Silva, "Pajarito" (2022)

It was important to work with local artists who are actively invested in the New York arts ecosystem.

Frankie Altamura, Senior Curator, Acrylicize

Emma Safir, "Arnhem Rorschach via Brooklyn" (2022)

Boogie Woogie

Artists Wade and Leta created a colourfully charged, hand-painted mural in their iconic and bold style for LinkedIn Empire's café.


Our in-house design team created a large number of bespoke 3D wall reliefs and 2D graphics that embody the energy and character of New York.

The work exemplifies LinkedIn's values and heritage, and appears throughout elevator lobbies, conference and meeting rooms, and across internal glazing. They seamlessly connect five different floors of the building, and formalise the story of the space.

Inspired by everything from the recognisable gates of Central Park, to New York’s jazz music and food culture, the bespoke works ensure coherency and ground the offices in the global LinkedIn brand, while telling the specific story of LinkedIn in New York.


Design Republic

M Moser


Bradford Devins

OWLEY Studios


Farah Al Qasimi

Dana Robinson

Carlos Rosales-Silva

Emma Safir

Wade and Leta

Simiao Wang


Pink Sparrow

Drive 21

Masterpiece NYC

Fine Art Imaging


Altamura Creative

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