WPP Global workplace art scheme

WPP Global

Transforming WPP campuses into next-generation creative hubs

Live projects
total square foot
1000 000
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Working with global media company WPP to celebrate the local craft and culture of their agencies through artworks, brand experiences, and wayfinding.

Working across a million square feet of building space, we’ve helped WPP’s diverse agencies bring their values and brand identities to life in multiple locations, all whilst retaining the spirit of the WPP parent brand. In collaboration with British architecture firm BDG, we’ve created and curated a broad range of bespoke artworks ranging in size, scale, and form, using location and regional culture as our inspiration. Each brand was analyzed so that various elements from the realms of consumer insight and the wider

media industry could be woven into our designs, with layered iconography and multiple modes of communication providing a playful, colorful, and interactive edge. The result is a unique package of artworks, graphics, typography, wayfinding, and installations that communicate the personality of each agency and forge authentic human connections, whilst entertaining and inspiring guests as they navigate the vibrant, diverse spaces within each building.



Global wayfinding

Custom-designed wayfinding systems sit seamlessly in their environments, helping staff and visitors navigate large campuses instinctively and intuitively. At each touchpoint, we were able to bring a sense of playfulness and creativity to the space whilst respecting the architecture of the building and local culture.

Exterior signage in Amsterdam in collaboration with VBat

Selection of wayfinding touch points

The totem at Amsteldok

Hand painted floor numbers at Sea Containers, London

Hand painted detail

Bespoke artworks

Our vibrant mix of bespoke artwork includes installations, typography, and graphics, all designed to celebrate the unique identity of each agency.

Bespoke artworks across all locations

Hand made from hundreds of (decommissioned) matches

Each agency bursts with pride for the city it calls home

Food for Thought

Food for Thought is a collection of 35 iterations of takeaway boxes inspired by traditional delftware to provide commentary on modern-day consumerist culture. Designed by Acrylicize and hand-painted by London-based ceramicist Miyu Kurihara, this collaborative artwork shines a light on consumer behaviour to explore how subjective perceptions of value interact with our fast-paced ‘throwaway’ culture.

Lighting & digital art

Our data-driven artworks play with light and technology, mirroring the reactive nature of WPP and its agencies.

The Tree House

SoundSkate, reacting to energy of the room

Weather Painting. The weather in real life effects the painting in real time

Environmental graphics

Explore a selection of bespoke graphics, bringing each agency’s brand to life in multiple locations.

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