10 George Street, Canary Wharf Group

10 George Street in Canary Wharf, site of one of our recent curation projects, was the winner of the Best Build To Rent Development in London for 2020 last November – setting the bar with world-class amenities and a high-quality approach to flexible living.

This 37-storey development comprises 327 apartments overlooking landscaped gardens on the docks, the River Thames and its boardwalks below. The building is uniquely situated right on the waterside and within Canary Wharf’s newest district, Wood Wharf, and features a private dining room and lounge which opens out onto a large, south-facing dockside terrace.

10 George Street residents praise the striking architecture, unique materials and small touches within the building which makes living there feel so special, and the wonderfully inclusive events program they run here and welcoming communal areas garner notable attention.

Our approach to the curation for this project was to create a dynamic collection which shines a spotlight on form, composition and process.

The collection comprises a carefully selected series of photography, painting and limited-edition prints, paired with site-specific installations, to enrich the residents’ surroundings and create unique moments for the communal areas and spaces across the building. Working closely with Canary Wharf Group, we used playful yet refined artworks to form meaningful connections with the residents, bonding them to an elevated user experience as they navigate the building. Communal spaces that engage the senses throughout the building help foster a greater sense of community through increased well being.

Curation: Acrylicize
Client: Canary Wharf Group
Interior Designer: Angel O’Donnell
Photographer: Benjamin Swanson

Find out more about some of the artworks and artists below.

Mo Cornelisse

Mo Cornelisse, born 1965 in The Netherlands has worked as a full-time ceramist since 2012. Her work often consists of unique pieces made from porcelain combined with gold, and uses modern techniques to create sculptural forms through traditional craftsmanship.

Her bespoke commission is a large-scale feature wall installation for the reception that uses one of the artist’s favourite shapes, the irregular icosahedron. Each 20-sided form was crafted from porcelain by hand and intricately attached to the wall en masse, to create a dynamic visual landscape that excites from all vantage points in the space.

Mo.co.nl | @mocornelisse

Massimo Colonna

Massimo Colonna is an Italian artist whose practice combines photography, 3D rendering and technology to create images rooted in surrealism and the imagination.

The pair of images commissioned are an exploration of gravity in a still life context. They combine warm, contrasting colours with abstract landscapes to evoke dreamlike scenes that feel familiar and nostalgic.

Massimocolonna.com | @m.a.s.s.i.m.o.c.o.l.o.n.n.a

Lauren Baker

Lauren Baker is a British contemporary multidisciplinary artist who explores human connection, metaphysics and the expansiveness of the universe. Passionate about environmental issues and sustainability, she uses light to express the ‘secrets of the universe’ and aims to raise the vibration of love and connection within the world.

Lauren’s signature neon works portray the power of energy through her poetic typographic and celestial chakra artworks. ‘Universal Frequency’ draws inspiration from the energy of the seven chakras found in Tantra and amasses pink neon, diamond dust and ink onto a canvas to represent the life force itself.

Laurenbakerart.com | @laurenbakerart

Hormazd Narielwalla

Hormazd Narielwalla is a collage-based artist that reinterprets tailoring patterns to create contemporary abstractions based on the human form. Drawing from his background in fashion, he proposes new interpretations of tailoring patterns by freeing them of their function, to create works ahead of their time and beautifully abstract in isolation.

‘Dancing Blocks’ is a collection of eight prints inspired by the medium of dance and the movement of dancers. These works trace, map and touch compositions for the body as imagined by the designers of their day, but choreograph new destinations through lyrical forms that dance across the surface of antiqued paper. They remind us that, in a world that can seem hostile and divided, our bodies and the ways they navigate this shifting landscape, remain shared and universal. 

Narielwalla.com | @narielwalla

Alejandro Urrutia

Alejandro Urrutia is a Chilean artist that uses the medium of sculpture to explore how architectural rules can be reinterpreted and transgressed. Working with the synergies between these principles, he draws on this rich relationship to generate new perspectives with the forms he creates to consider how a piece relates to its physical and social context.

‘Sol y Luna’ (Spanish: Sun and Moon) are a pair of metal sculptures inspired by natural cycles and the perpetual movements in nature that result in ever changing effects. ‘El Sol’, denoted as masculine in Spanish and ‘La Luna’, denoted as feminine, also imply other interdependent opposites in life flowing harmoniously such as day and night, north and south, summer and winter.

‘Counterpoint’ is a polished brass and granite piece that explores the relationship between two independent forces in order to obtain balance. Within the sculpture, all parts play a fundamental role in the stability of the whole, each piece is supported by the weight of the other. If the granite cube or one of the metal pieces is removed, the structure would collapse.

Alejandrourrutia.art | @alejandro_urrutia_lorenzini

Peter Monaghan

Peter Monaghan is a multimedia artist from Ireland that uses paintings and installations to explore visual sensations and the ‘experience of looking’. Designed to excite and intrigue, his conceptually rich work explores the dynamism between 2D and 3D forms to ask challenging questions about how we view and interpret art.

His commissioned work employs satisfying chromatic harmony with complex pattern work to create an optical illusion that sparks joy while captivating the viewer.

Petermonaghan.com | @petermonaghanart

Charlie Oscar Patterson

Charlie Oscar Patterson makes relief paintings that act as instruments playing with light. The production of his work exists in two contrasting parts, the first being the creation of the three-dimensional structure, this realising his desire for mathematical order. The second, being the more spontaneous act of painting and mark-making.

The richness of form, colour and surface seen in his commissioned work is reminiscent of the colour field painters of the 20th Century. The shaped work breaks from the tradition of a restrictive picture plane, instead treating the composition as a complete object.

Charlieoscarpatterson.com | @charlieoscarpatterson

Find out more about Hormazd in his interview here.


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