Acrylicize presents: JOE


Acrylicize presents: JOE


JOE is a vision for a new digital world, built by Acrylicize to break barriers between people and artists, to test ideas and ask questions, all within a unique Web3 world.

JOE is one version of what could be possible, a response to dramatic changes within the world of Web3. The project was an exercise in exploring how these changes could shape the future of how art is conceived, shared and consumed. Built throughout 2022, the world of JOE is envisioned to contain three sub-worlds Create, Curate and Activate.

All worlds are playable, and offer users everything from live performances and behind-the-scenes studio sessions, to reimagined gallery spaces and NFT’s. JOE also offers artists and designers an opportunity to raise funds to bring their projects to fruition, and to gain feedback from the public before their work is complete.

“As we head into the oncoming digital reality, we need to ask ourselves questions around what we want as a society, how creators can help to build what the future looks like."

James Burke, Founder of Acrylicize

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