How to Bring Soul to Your Workplace


How to bring soul to your workplace

Our creative process sits at the heart of the studio and drives the narrative of the work through close collaboration with our clients.

James Burke

Your story is amazing. It’s one-of-a-kind by its very nature and as such is precious and holds enormous value. It’s your Super Power and when told right, allows people to connect deeply with who you are and what you stand for.

Our creative process exists to unearth and articulate these stories in order to bring your physical environments to life, imbuing them with soul to turn ‘space’ into ‘place’. We’ve spent 19 years honing and refining this process which has evolved to incorporate: in-house creation, the curation of artist's work on a global scale and activations that allow your work to transcend the physical environment to reach wider audiences around the world. This is our Create, Curate and Activate proposition (CCA)

At the heart of our creative process is collaboration. Our clients sit front and centre. Where your story and our storytelling meet is where the projects come to life and this is a journey into the Joy of Expression 

How often do you get the chance to really turn the lens on yourselves? Yes, organisations have purposes, manifestos, and values and this is all crucial to the process but we are always looking to go deeper, right into the essence of who you are. It’s here that you find the source, the elements that aren’t simply summed up in words but contained within intuition and action. This is about feeling and experiencing spaces in a visceral sense. When we get to these truths our work begins and your story can be told. 

Workshops and Strategy

01 Discover

Our workshops are high-energy affairs where fun and creativity blend with depth and rigger to unlock the essence of who you are. In these early stages, nothing is off the table and we are just as tuned into the nuances of a throw-way comment as the key statements from your brand guidelines. We become both your guides and partners on the journey to truly understand the rich tapestry and complex systems that underpin your business, brand, and culture. This first part of the journey allows us to build a brief and design intent which helps us to collectively to understand which of the Create, Curate and Activate services could play a role in the project

“Our Discover stage starts with your story and the ideas that make you who you are”

Hannah Rummery, Creative Director, Acrylicize

Telling your story through art

02 Design

The discovery phase paves the way for design to start through initial extensive research. From this we establish a project narrative and design intent and then proceed with early idea generation which we call 'idea cards'. Our design philosophy is to incorporate client feedback into our initial sketch work to make sure all directions are approved and understood before developing further. This is a close collaborative and iterative process which provides the foundations for all final works to emerge.

“Acrylicize was kind and generous, encouraging us to follow our vision. We appreciated the trust that we established together.”

Wade and Leta, artist duo (LinkedIn Empire, New York)

03 Develop

Once ideas has been chosen we begin developing the initial sketches into refined visuals thinking about form, layout, scale and materials. Whether creation or curation this is where the ideas come to life

Curate: exploring the artwork with artist

Create: layout collaboration with the client

render example helping the client visualise the installation

collaborative session of space planning and review

material and sample review

artist studio visits

"The Acrylicize team approach is truly collaborative. It's not only fun but ensures the direction and final installation is completely aligned with the original brief.”

Alex Legg – Amazon

Ideas become reality

04 Detail

Once ideas have been fleshed out and all design details established, we move into sampling and prototyping. This is done hand in hand with clients where key milestones are agreed and reviewed in person. Here technical packs are drawn up and issued and all elements of production are explored, ready to be signed off for production.


05 Deliver

The bit we've all been waiting for. From painting murals to installing light sculptures, from interactive digital installations to way-finding. Our delivery phase ensures every aspect of production and installation is overseen from a project management standpoint. We are proud to deliver every one of our artworks which stand as testament to the close relationship between our studio and our clients. A journey of discovery to bring incredible stories to life in the most authentic and engaging ways as possible.

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