Columbus Wake

Columbus Wake

Designed to simulate the mercurial movement of water, Wake celebrates the rich history of London’s Docklands area.



Once home to one of the busiest ports in the world, Canary Wharf has reinvented itself in recent years as the center of business in London. But remainders of its rich past can still be seen throughout the area.

Wake is inspired by the thousands of ships that once visited the port each year, unloading their precious cargo after long months at sea. The piece was formed using hundreds of individual sculptures, each one carefully suspended from the ceiling to create a fleet of ships sailing around the entrance foyer.

As visitors enter the aptly-named Columbus building, they are greeted by a flurry of color and twinkling light, mimicking the effect of the sun glittering on the ocean’s surface.

Behind the build

Constructed using highly reflective material, each sculpture was strategically placed to achieve the piece’s glistening effect.

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