Cinematic Landscapes

Confidential Client

This vibrant collection of artworks and memorable brand statements celebrates the clients diversity, people and legacy through playful interventions and engaging storytelling.


We used iconic movie scenes from the client’s back catalog as a springboard to create vibrant works which transport the viewer to a different time and place.

Playful interventions and engaging storytelling work together to create memorable brand statements across the office. The ‘vision wall’ features over 65 scenes recreated in miniature model form, with monochromatic backdrops sampled from the dominant tone of the movies in which they feature. Cinematic landscapes taken from the films Spider-man and Jumanji have also been recreated as murals, transforming the communal areas into spaces of joy and nostalgia.

The Vision wall: Reception

Staff engagement

A closer look

Behind the build

Our unique approach to environmental design used the fabric of the clients brand to create dynamic graphics-based works which excite and inspire.


Designed to be larger-than-life manifestations of two of the clients most enduring feature films, these hand-painted mural artworks promote a sense of relaxation and escapism in a busy working environment.

Environmental graphics

Celebrating the clients status as an influential player in the global entertainment industry, posters from some of the world’s most popular films have been translated, printed, and hand-pasted on the wall, creating a collage-based display that reflects both the legacy of the brand in the West and its new territory in the East. Organized by genre, the piece features a range of films from comedy and science titles to family and action and adventure epics. Neon lighting and a dynamic color gradient accentuate the broad spectrum of content from multiple regions.


Navigation within the space is again achieved through bold, graphics-based design, with wayfinding elements rendered in black and white to stand out amongst the space’s more colorful artworks.

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