Frisco Public Library

Frisco Public Library

Two large, bespoke installations honour learning, literature and locality at the new Frisco Public Library in Texas.

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The new Frisco Public Library in Texas is a hub of learning, with a mission to inspire intellect, curiosity and imagination in every person who enters their doors.

Back in 1991, the Frisco Public Library was housed in a small building that was leased for one dollar a year by the city. Fast forward to 2023, and the brand new library space, which sits next to the Frisco Development Centre on Dallas Parkway, is a sight to behold. A massive evolution from its humble beginnings, the new library space, set inside an old train cargo building, is vast.

Tasked to interpret themes like ‘exploration’ and ‘imagination’ and to take inspiration drawn from traditional Texan landscapes, we created two bespoke artworks that deliver on the library’s desire to bring moments of wonder into the building.

Frisco Public Library, Texas US

library lobby experience

Storied Landscape

"Storied Landscape", an installation that displays lines from Texan poetry and literature, weaves its way across the ceiling of the main entrance to the library, with its shape and flow inspired by pages of a book and the rolling patterns of the Texas prairie landscape. The installation is designed for impact when viewed from long and short distances - a key factor given the scale of the space, that creates areas of higher density where visitors can delve into the details of the lines of text.

The piece can be viewed at all angles, visible on all sides of the entry lobby area, with lighting playing a role in casting shadows of individual letters across the ceiling. The local Frisco area is diverse and full of different cultures and, alongside the staff who work at the library, are critical stakeholders in the project. The text used for the piece was informed by the voices of these communities, and is shown in various languages, to remain accessible and inclusive of all those who will use the library.

Community engagement enriches our artistic narratives and democratises the creative process.

A Custom Typeface

Frisco Mono Display is a fully bespoke typeface designed in-house by Acrylicize, specifically designed for Storied Landscape.

Railing installation

Community of Explorers

An intricately designed railing piece, designed for practical use and visual storytelling, runs the length of the stairs and mezzanine floors. The piece is built to evoke curiosity - as with Storied Landscape, it had to be visually impactful from afar, but have detail to explore when viewed up close - it needed to draw people closer, to investigate hidden details further.

The illustrations shown across the railings are inspired by five themes: creativity, nature and the outdoors, community, culture, and imagination. These help to create a narrative tied to the library, and to the local area, bringing people together under one roof to learn, explore and be inspired.



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