Serving as a focal point for IDB’s newest office, this one-off sculpture expresses the bank’s relationship with its diverse range of clients.

Manhattan NYC

The statement piece, which sits at the heart of IDB’s headquarters in New York, highlights the collaborative, open, and transparent way the bank works with its customers.

Hundreds of overlapping forms in different colors and textures build upon one another to create the towering sculpture, representing the bank’s seven-decades-long history and nodding to an exciting future.

Material and form

Timeless, elegant, approachable. The sculpture is made from a range of tactile media including wood, metal, and stone, materials that celebrate humanity and craftmanship. As the sculpture rises through the stairwell, its very nature transforms. Opaque blocks – a reference to the bank’s solid foundations – gradually give way to more open forms, leaving space for future partnerships and possibilities.

Behind the build

The piece was constructed using tactile media including copper, steel, wood, stone, concrete, polished chrome, and pewter.

The range of materials used is representative of the bank’s many major clients and nods to their collective success.

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