LinkedIn: Silicon Valley

LinkedIn: Silicon Valley

Art as a catalyst for connection and opportunity, at LinkedIn’s Global HQ.

Sunnyvale, California


LinkedIn’s new global headquarters in Sunnyvale, California, is an unprecedented workplace experience that sets the tone for the future of their campus.

With an overarching narrative of ‘Together We Are Stronger’, our work with LinkedIn amplifies the full potential of their platform, helps to support their teams, reflects LinkedIn culture, celebrates diversity, and speaks to the infinite opportunities their platform can offer to LinkedIn’s global audience of over 660 million users.

Bespoke Installations

The campus’ centrepiece - a kinetic installation that hangs gently from the ceiling, front and centre in the lobby - provides a unique moment that has instant impact and lingers in the minds of visitors and staff. 195 interactive, motorised compass needles work together in harmony to create ever-changing movements and patterns throughout the day. The piece celebrates collective strength and highlights individual members who together, through community and collaboration, are stronger.

Behind the Build

Explore our process, from design to production.

A display of connection and growth, speaking to the individual and spotlighting their importance as part of a larger developing community.

Anamorphic graphic wall

To give the campus its own, branded, sharable moment, we created a large anamorphic graphic made up of colour illustrations and 3D objects. It adds an instantly recognisable brand cue, for staff and visitors to identify with as they pass through.


A series of layered glass lenses make up the letters within the Middlefield InBug - a 3D representation of the LinkedIn logo, unique to each campus globally - which creates reflections and refractions as visitors walk past and interact with it, to highlight the multiple opportunities and pathways on offer to members.

Designed to be sharable and explore the narrative of ‘Together We are Stronger’, the InBug acts as a physical representation of ‘Navigation, Community, Growth, Discovery, Opportunity and Development’ - all key tenets of the Middlefield Campus project.

Tune in

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