LinkedIn Toronto

LinkedIn Toronto

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Architect / Interior Designer


LinkedIn recently debuted their Toronto HQ with work by Acrylicize that includes a site-specific mural commission and two-story sculptural installation.

LinkedIn, the world’s most popular professional social network, recently opened a new office in Toronto’s Eaton Centre Towers. Working with IA Interior Architects and the LinkedIn Workplace team, Acrylicize curated and created various works of art that inspire creativity and collaboration, speak to the core values of LinkedIn, and represent LinkedIn’s unique community locally and globally. The workspace was designed in a modern style by Cannon Design and includes multiple collaboration spaces, meeting rooms, a relaxation room, a two-story game room, a gym, and a tech lounge.

To connect the art and design schemes, Acrylicize’s team responded to the theme of ‘a cultural mosaic.’ This theme pays tribute to Toronto, Canada’s most diverse city, by bringing to life local themes of nature and highlighting the ecosystems that multiculturalism invites. Throughout the space, Acrylicize aimed to showcase LinkedIn’s unique workplace culture and the ways in which LinkedIn acts as a connective tissue between people and opportunity. The scope of work includes a site-specific mural by local indigenous artist Jason Baerg, as well as the bespoke hero installation, Hinterland, that traverses two stories of LinkedIn’s space.


Open Call Commission

Representation, diversity, and inclusion are at the forefront of LinkedIn’s culture and company values. With this in mind, Acrylicize’s team created a curatorial scheme that would celebrate contemporary Indigenous creative practice and Ontario's cultural values within the workplace. Supported by Ontario College of Art & Design University (OCAD University) and the local non-profit Canadian Roots Exchange (CRE). Acrylicize facilitated an Open Call selection process, where the winning Indigenous artist, artist duo, or artist collective would be awarded the opportunity to create a site-specific mural for the new LinkedIn Toronto.

An international committee of key LinkedIn stakeholders awarded Jason Baerg (Métis Nations of Ontario), the opportunity to realize their vision. Baerg is an Indigenous artist who creates digital interventions through drawing, painting, and new-media installation. For LinkedIn’s 26th floor, the artist employs a vector illustration that has been rendered in paint. The use of computer graphics allows them to easily adjust color and composition to maximize the mural’s dynamic effect.

Sâpohtawêyâw ᓵᐳᐦᑕᐁᐧᔮᐤ It has an opening at each end (2022) is a site-specific commission by artist Jason Baerg who was the selected winner of the Indigenous Artist Open Call.

Open Call collateral was shared with over 150+ Indigenous artist and collectives, Toronto-based galleries, studios, and non-profit organizations.

It is an honour to realize Sâpohtawêyâw ᓵᐳᐦᑕᐁᐧᔮᐤ It has an opening at each end as a mural for the Linkedin Toronto. I hope this mural inspires those that interface with it and gives them the consistent energy they need to refresh their vision as we collectively move forward.

Jason Baerg, Artist

Baerg honors water and its ability to support and sustain life, which takes inspiration from the understanding of Cree cosmology about the Great Chief Star.


Hero Installation

The word ‘hinterland’ means an area lying beyond what is visible or known. Inspired by the history of the Toronto railroad, seen from the building, this two-story hero installation titled, Hinterland (2022), speaks to the growth and connection that happens along one's life and professional journey. LinkedIn acts as a conduit and platform to inspire professionals through their careers.

Each route and change in direction symbolizes the paths a person can take, supported and guided by LinkedIn. The sculptural installation uses form and materials to craft a story around disparate connections leading to a greater cause. Just as the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, Hinterland speaks to how one grows connections and networks through the LinkedIn platform.

For Hinterland, tubes are used to showcase how individual connections are made whole when intertwined together.



The emblem of each LinkedIn office, an InBug, or bespoke brand mark, takes on an artful identity of the local area to connect LinkedIn to the city and community. This installation resembles a terrarium to reflect how LinkedIn helps nurture its members by allowing them to grow to their fullest potential. Inspired by the Canadian notion of a cultural mosaic, where each individual retains their unique identity but co-exists with others in the community.

The InBug consists of a map representing the 13 neighborhoods of Toronto.

Each section houses a unique pressed flower within colored resins.


Wayfinding Installation

This multi-floor wayfinding installation is inspired by the connection between the railways to the Toronto region and the train station located directly next to the office. Situated within the elevator bays, each floor showcases custom designs that mimic the region's transit system and offers an abstract view of the region's local neighborhoods. Each floor’s design acts as an important wayfinding element, identifying the floor number to help guide staff and visitors throughout the office.

Distinguishable light and colors stream down through the four-floor stack.


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Jason Baerg

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