'London is a Forest', a major new permanent public installation in the heart of Soho, London.

7m x 11m x 2.5m
CHS Steel


London is a Forest explores our relationship with the urban environment and the natural world

The Lucent building at Piccadilly Circus has been recently renovated, and now boasts a giant steel sculpture on one of its walls. This sculpture explores the relationship between nature and technology, two interconnected systems that exist in the UK capital. The artwork was created to provide a sense of placemaking and cultural character to the North West corner of the Lucent development, commissioned by our client, Landsec.

London is a Forest 2023, Acrylicize.

An oasis of calm in the centre of the capital


"A fleeting moment frozen in time"

The sculpture symbolises a universal longing for tranquility and connection to natural rhythms whilst simultaneously embodying London’s intricate network of technology and data. Taking its cue from the Lucent building’s desire to provide ‘an oasis of calm in the centre of the capital’, the work suggests a fleeting moment frozen in time but with the gentle movement of the breeze revealed - as if data were captured within the branches of one of London’s 8.4 million trees.

Placing technology and nature into sharp focus, algorithmic particle systems were utilised to emulate organic fractal growth, creating intricate natural branch systems on an architectural scale to determine the form of the sculpture. In doing so, Acrylicize seek to transcend traditional design and aesthetic decision making processes, bringing humans and machine into creative collaboration. 

Take a peek behind the scenes

A fusion of art, technology and nature, London is a Forest blurs the lines between ‘digital’ and ‘organic’

“The work reminds us that nature’s subtle elegance can still be found amidst the intensity of a hyper-connected city”

- James Burke, Founder and Global Creative Director at Acrylicize

Acrylicize across the Piccadilly Lights: an apt conclusion to a special project.


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