Loyens & Loeff

Loyens & Loeff

A morphing digital piece for Loyens & Loeff’s Hourglass building in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam, Netherlands
11m x 9m
Powdercoated aluminium

the brief

Loyens & Loeff’s core value of “we put people at the heart of our business” is the key inspiration behind the creation of this digital art installation.

As a leading European Law & Tax firm, Loyens & Loeff prides itself on a people-centric approach. We were asked to articulate this in physical art form with a brief that looked to connect their new Amsterdam office space with their staff, customers, brand and the city around them.

The concept for the piece went through various physical iterations to achieve the level of interactivity that Loyens and Loeff desired. Power supply, infrastructure and accessibility presented project challenges, leading us to settle on an LED track system that enables flexibility in the lighting programmes. 

Our response & approach

Taking visual cues from the famous canals and waterways of Amsterdam, we created a bespoke installation for the firm’s Hourglass office entrance and atrium - a responsive lighting piece that ripples outward when triggered by movement nearby. The interactive nature of the piece is key to representing Loyens & Loeff's staff, and their intrinsic value and impact within the company.

The use of a programmable LED track enables a wide spectrum of colour, vibrancy, and brightness to create the desired mood and aesthetic. The light settings are inspired by the colours of the sky throughout the day – from the light yellows and peaches of morning sunrise, to the blue brand colour of Loyens & Loeff in the middle of the day and deeper, rich purple shades in the evening. Oh, and there is a ‘party mode’ for the piece … this one is self-explanatory!

Initial sketches and ideation

Tests determining the artwork's form and shape

Computer modelling to demonstrate reactivity of the lighting

“Acrylicize immediately understood what we had in mind. The artwork fully meets our wishes, it is friendly, sustainable, abstract, surprising and recognisable.”

- Loyens & Loeff Team

Digital art influences human emotion

When art intertwines with technology, it can turn spaces into a vibrant canvas of memorable brand interactions, narratives, and experiences that unfold in real-time.

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Zoe Maslen

Sean BW

Matthew Corless

Robin Gillard

Loyens & Loeff

Cisca de Jong-Heeman

Guido Koop

Pauline Leegwater



Video & Photography

Maarten Willemstein

Timo van der Horst

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