Inspired by a hidden river that flows beneath Londoner's feet, this graceful lighting feature drifts through 20 Farringdon Street.

HB Reavis
Farringdon Street


The River Fleet is London’s largest subterranean waterway, running directly below the building on Farringdon Street.

Submotion mirrors its path, a steady flow of light that reflects the area’s dynamism and echoes the perpetual movement of passers-by outside. The carefully considered piece continues into the building’s core, pouring through the stairwells and encouraging visitors onwards to their destination.

flowing water concept

movement echoing the river

Front Facade

Emanating from the signage that sits above the main entrance, the 650 light batons that make up the piece gently pulse to reflect the movement of water, guiding visitors on a journey through the reception space and beyond.


Signage and artwork combine to give the building a dynamic yet subtle signature. The piece acts as a wayfinding device, elegantly directing visitors to the elevators and stairwell of this eleven-story office block. Adding unique energy to the space, and complimenting the immediate architecture, Submotion not only narrates the viewer’s proximity to River Fleet below but also informs the wider visual brand of the building.

Tune in

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