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The Office Group

Forward-thinking workspaces that use an eclectic blend of art and design to reveal the heritage of the building.

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The Office Group has created a niche in the workplace sector thanks to their innovative co-working model.

Thought leaders in workplace design, their innovative environments push beyond the now, creating open spaces that encourage people to collaborate, relax, focus and connect. Art curation is an integral part of the experience. We’ve worked with more than 250 artists internationally to curate a thoughtful and meaningful collection that taps into the heritage and narrative of each space.

Collaborating with the group’s design team and appointed architects, we aim to curate works that create a sense of placemaking by tapping into the heritage and locality of each building. A positive and uplifting collection that captures the imaginations of all anyone inhabiting the space.

Creating the mood

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Location: Soho

Liberty House

Liberty's was famously declared to be the chosen store of the artistic shopper by Oscar Wilde. We mirrored this sensibility in our collection for Liberty House, selecting artists that blur the boundaries between art and design, fashion, pattern, color, and fabric. Artisanal works that celebrate materiality, craft, and handmade processes offer tactile accents throughout the building and nod to its history. Unexpected moments of discovery and delight happen through larger-scale installations and takeovers from artists including Charles Antoine Chappuis, Mae Engelgeer, Deun Ivory and Denisse Ariana Pérez .

exterior | image credit: Jake Curtis

interior | image credit: Jake Curtis

Meet the artists

Get to know some of the artists featured at Liberty House, London.

deun ivory


kanica / Laura Vargas Llanas

denisse ariana perez

Charles Antoine Chappuis

Mae Engelgeer

Sofia lind

studio mieke meijer

Joe elbourne

Charlotte edey

artist: Jo elbourne

artisT: charles-antoine chappuis | image credit: Jake Curtis

Location: Fitzrovia

Douglas House

Douglas House, a prime example of 1930s architecture in the heart of Fitzrovia, has been transformed by the design studio Note into a unique blend of original features and bold color. In response, each piece was chosen to work within the space as a microcosm of artistic expression. Challenging our expectations of perception, artwork -- like the glowing neon piece by Jochen Holz that greets visitors at reception -- echoes the building’s bold design philosophy, provoking wonder and curiosity.

artist: Jochen Holz

artist: Studio Furthermore | image credit: Simon Bevan

artisT: Jenny Nordberg | image credit: Simon Bevan

Artist: Philipp schenk-mischke | Image credit: Simon Bevan

artist: James Shaw

Meet the artists

Get to know some of the artists featured at Douglas House, Fitzrovia.

Wang & Söderström


James Shaw

jochen holz

Jenny Nordberg

mijo studio

Philipp schenk-mischke

Location: Notting Hill

United House

The art collection at United House echoes the artistic spirit and Bohemian nature of the surrounding area, drawing inspiration from the vibrant terraced houses now synonymous with Notting Hill. Intimate and eclectic, each meeting room reflects the imagined interior of a different house, with artwork adding to the effect. Communal areas and breakout areas feature pieces inspired by the gardens dotted around the neighborhood, with muted and organic color palettes encouraging a sense of harmony, balance and tranquility.

artist: Lauren Baker | image credit: Simon Bevan

artist: LRNCE | image credit: Benjamin Swanson

textile artist: Rachna garodia, works on paper: nicholas maroussas | image credit: Simon Bevan

artist: david matthew king | image credit: Simon Bevan

artist: ilka kramer | image credit: Simon Bevan

Meet the artists

Get to know some of the artists featured at United House, Notting Hill.

Rachna garodia

marleigh culver

adriana jaros

lauren leenaert

david matthew king

bonnie & clyde

emily forgot

emily filler

lauren baker

gareth griffiths

nathalie du pasquier

roger coll

ilka kramer

the heidies

nicholas maroussas

Claire dudeney

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