Brookfield Properties

Brookfield Properties

Creating and curating artworks that explore life in its many forms



Working with one of the UK’s biggest developers, we’ve used art to activate buildings and strengthen visitors’ connection to them by sharing stories of human experience.

Brookfield Properties are a shining example of how a progressive developer can use art to distinguish its buildings and create moments of emotive and transcendence in the bustle of the city. Through our creative partnership with the group, we’ve curated and created a range of artistic interventions across multiple sites, from rotating exhibitions to permanent digital works.

Initial inspiration flower in bloom

Location: Citypoint | ARTWORK: STILL LIFE

Cherishing the world around us

Reflecting the beauty and simplicity of nature and the fundamental joy of expression, Still Life is a vibrantly illustrated living artwork depicting a bunch of lilies sat by a window. Designed to be ever-changing in line with the weather outside, it invites us to appreciate the simple magic of nature which is constantly around us but so often overlooked. A project born out of the pandemic and months of lockdown, the work takes advantage of scale to place nature front and center in our consciousness. It reminds us to cherish the world around us as we navigate an increasingly challenging world and the rebuilding of the natural environment.

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Acrylicize bring their playful creative flair to each new project, responding delicately to each new environment

Saff Williams, Brookfield Properties

Weather reactive states

Artwork: Faces of the Community | Location: Principal Place

People make place

Curated with Creative Debuts, this live art event was designed to enrich the new public space and celebrate the community. Each portrait painted by local artists captures a different member of the East London community. Held over two days, the event gave the public the chance to watch the artworks come to life and connect with their new space.

Location: Citypoint | ARTWORK: PEOPLE POWER

All human life is here

People Power is an animated illustrated artwork, designed to be ever-changing to reflect the energy of London’s Aldgate East. Originally commissioned in 2016 by Brookfield Properties, and now on display at their CityPoint offices, our artwork serves as a love letter to East London.

Its grand scale is visible to those that pass by at street level, with a scene that fluctuates depending on the time of day and the crowds outside, directly mirroring the dynamic hustle and bustle of the area.



Location: 99 Bishopsgate and Aldgate Tower

Rotating exhibition

Employing a variety of textures, materials, and forms, these artworks have been chosen to elevate the entrance experience in playful and unexpected ways. Designed as a rotating exhibition, each space benefits from new concepts and fresh perspectives every quarter, ensuring the interior remains compelling while encouraging continuous engagement.

sam shendi

Artist: andrei cosrache

Artist: andrei cosrache

Artist: Emma Neuberg

Artist: Aaron Gregory

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