Art curation at The Edwardian Hotel Manchester

The Edwardian Manchester

Curating an eclectic and abstract collection depicting the landscape of Manchester for an iconic hotel

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Our collection is a bold and colorful depiction of Manchester, reflecting a city known across the world for its vibrancy.

Occupying the Free Trade Hall -- Manchester’s most celebrated building -- the Edwardian Hotel is the guardian of a grade II listed icon that has played an integral role in UK’s history. Constructed on the site of the Peterloo Massacre, the building is steeped in political and cultural history. Many household names have either spoken or performed at the building, from Christabel Pankhurst, Charles Dickens, and Winston Churchill to Bob Dylan, The Sex Pistols, Billie Holiday, Abba, and Blondie. Through the curation, we wanted to embody the sense of community, modernity, and union that the hotel represents.


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The Library

We responded to the elegant interiors curated by Assouline, a space designed for relaxed dinners, afternoon tea and signature cocktails. The chosen collection celebrates the architectural heritage of the building and aligns with the nature-inspired wallpaper and views of trees seen through the floor to ceiling windows. Pieces by contemporary artist Maria Rivans, a mashup of Hollywood heroines and organic forms, perfectly complements the space.

artist: MARIA RIVANS | image credit: benjamin swanson

artist: MARIA RIVAN | image credit: benjamin swanson

artist: acrylicize | image credit: benjamin swanson

Lobbies, bedrooms & suites

Taking a holistic approach throughout the hotel, we wanted to consider the journey of each hotel guest. The curation for each floor is married by a coherent color scheme. As you make your way up the building, the changing colors represent the spectrum of a sunrise, nodding to a new extension and expansive views across Manchester's skyline. This spectrum carries on throughout the hotel’s lobbies and 263 bedrooms and suites.

left: brynley davies | right: bugspot | image credit: benjamin swanson

left: brynley davies | right: bugspot | image credit: benjamin swanson

Explore the artwork

From photography to screenprints, swipe to see some of the bespoke artwork that lives in The Edwardian bedrooms.


artist: heretic spectral | image credit: benjamin swanson

artist: atelier cph | image credit: benjamin swanson

image credit: benjamin swanson

Meeting rooms

The hotel’s meeting spaces celebrate Manchester’s relationship with music. Here, we commissioned bespoke artwork inspired by the building’s history as a gig venue; a series of iconic posters featuring iconic bands including Blondie and the Sex Pistols.

Artist: Acrylicize | image credit: benjamin swanson

Artist: Acrylicize | image credit: benjamin swanson

Meet the artists

Get to know some of the artists featured at The Edwardian Manchester.

josh young

massimo colonna

hormazd narielwalla

photographer: brynley davies

tishk barzanji

atelier cph

charley peters

chad wys

maria rivans

bugspot: bespoke print series

Heretic spectral: one off screen print

anne gournay

Event & conference spaces

A series of chic photographs set the tone for the many events and conferences held here, nodding to the hotel’s long history of hosting important social and cultural gatherings.  

artist: massimo colonna | image credit: benjamin swanson

artist: lee sol

Fashion Photographer: horst p.horst | image credit: benjamin swanson

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Amplifying the story

We elevated the experience by creating an artist catalog; our artistic homage to the physical collection. Graphically and experimentally laid out to show the intent behind the collection, it joyfully celebrates the artists and their artworks, and of course, their patron, the Edwardian.

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