The Royal Exchange: Royal Coronation and Pride '23

The Royal Exchange

A handcrafted representation of British spring/summer, in time for the Royal Coronation and Pride ‘23.

No. of Flowers
Bank, London

Through a full takeover of The Royal Exchange in Bank, we celebrate the natural beauty of the English garden, adding an evolving floral display of native spring and summer flowers to the space.

The Royal Exchange is a building steeped in history and grandeur, and sits in the old banking district of central London. With a host of luxury shops, restaurants, cafés, and a particularly royal history (the space was opened by two monarchs, and is the site of all Proclamations for new Kings and Queens), we were briefed by Fier&Folk to create a series of public artworks that would draw customers into the space and create an engaging and aspirational environment to visit, explore, relax and shop in.

The challenge was to find clever ways to create instant impact, through work that was robust enough to withstand the elements without any permanent fixings to the building. We needed our work to activate the entire building to encourage footfall, and generate a buzz on social media.

Our response

The Royal Coronation '23

The colour palette applied to the first part of the project is inspired by springtime, and appears in time for the Royal Coronation of King Charles III. With its historic connections to the monarchy, The Royal Exchange is covered in flowers tied to the identity of royal families of the past, includes the deep purple associated with the House of Windsor, Britain’s Royal Family, and a variety of other British springtime flowers. The installation evolves between spring and summer, transforming the purple, spring scene into a multicoloured, diverse summer garden.

"Acrylicize delivered precisely to our brief, creating beautiful handmade works, with a wonderful transformation from spring to summer."

Carlin Fier, Founder at Fier&Folk

Behind the Build

Creating hundreds of paper flowers is no mean feat. Take a look behind the scenes as our floral displays come to life.

Pride '23

As spring transitions into summer, so too do the flowers at The Royal Exchange - royal colours shift into rainbow tones, used to represent and celebrate the LGBTQ+ community. A new array of shades appear across the bouquets on the balconies, designed to coincide with Pride celebrations in London and offer a colourful display that reflects the change in seasons and the summer ahead.

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