Wimbledon Tennis Club

Wimbledon AELTC

A series of artworks and wayfinding moments celebrating the world’s most famous tennis venue

Wimbledon, London
The All England Lawn Tennis Club


Coinciding with the refurbishment of No.1 Court at Wimbledon, we were invited to create several visual experiences for spectators to enjoy throughout the grounds.

Celebrating the theme of ‘Tennis in an English Garden’, we worked closely with the All England Lawn Tennis Club to explore the history of the grounds. Our attention was soon drawn to four flowers abundant in the gardens surrounding No.1 Court; Hydrangea, Agapanthus, Petunia, and Rose. It was these flowers that informed the designs of our artwork and wayfinding across the site. Agapanthus – Latin for ‘love’ – represents the love of the game and the care given to every inch of the grounds. Hydrangea – with its color-changing properties – celebrates Wimbledon as the first regular color TV program.

Rose – an iconic British flower – reflects the victory and celebration of Championship winners. And finally, petunia – a species from the deadly nightshade genus – celebrates the shots in a player’s armory required to win a game, set, and match. We continued this theme into our design for the official 2019 Wimbledon Championships poster, further celebrating the No.1 Court and the flowers synonymous with the gardens that surround it.

No.1 Court

A fusion of artwork, brand, and wayfinding greets you at the newly refurbished No.1 Court.

The core concept built around the manicured gardens

Hundreds of hand drawn elements

Behind the build

Each bespoke artwork was hand-crafted and prototyped prior to production.

Works across No.1 Court

Fret cut detail

Final poster design

Making an entrance

Visitors to No.1 Court are guided from the front door to their seats through a fully integrated wayfinding system also inspired by our English garden concept.

close detail

Examples of graphics and pattern work

Clubhouse walk

The Wimbledon experience is celebrated in the Clubhouse walk through a display of bespoke artworks and archive memorabilia.

Acrylicize Lead Designer zoe maslen


There is nothing like playing at Wimbledon; you can feel the footprints of the legends of the game – men and women – that have graced those courts

Serena Williams

bespoke salon hang

Tune in

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