WPP Toronto

WPP Toronto

A unique branded scheme, coupled with a curated selection of artworks, creates a multicultural mosaic throughout The Campus, WPP Toronto's workplace.



In Toronto, WPP recently opened The Campus, a creative hub that brings together 2,000 of Canada’s best, brightest, and most creative minds across multiple agencies.

Designed by WPP company BDG Architecture + Design, The Campus is built with flexibility and collaboration in mind, allowing for greater interconnectivity and creativity amongst WPP subsidiaries. The Campus, which sits on the shores of Lake Ontario, is equipped with the latest, fully-integrated technology, has a range of on-site amenities, and hosts a variety of different working spaces.

Spanning seven floors, the branded scheme focuses on the theme of 'Diversity: A Spectrum of Differences,' which includes bespoke feature art installations and curated large-scale murals, digital artworks, gallery walls, a series of artworks for the Campus’ meeting rooms, as well as a dedicated space to showcase young artists and graduates’ works.


bespoke signage

Throughout The Campus, Acrylicize aimed to highlight the local culture and history.


Acrylicize facilitated an Open Call selection process for Toronto-based artists to create several large-scale murals for the workplace.

Caitlin Taguibao is an illustrator and muralist who creates works inspired by nature.

Jimmy Chiale is an artist who created a graphic composition in black-and-white.


The intention behind creating a custom-woven tapestry came from WPP's workplace culture that weaves together people from different cultures and across diverse backgrounds.

A closer look

Wall installation

Toronto is an incredible city that is hugely diverse with people from so many different cultures, who over time, have shaped and defined the city. For WPP, each work of art was created to celebrate that rich cultural diversity.

Becca Davis, Acrylicize Lead Designer


Custom Installation

Enlightenment (2022) is a custom designed and built bookshelf made up of books, bookends, and plants fabricated from acrylic glass. The work was inspired by WPP’s values – open, optimistic, and extraordinary – which are also etched into the book spines.

Adeyemi Adegbesan is an artist who uses photography and collage to examine the intersectionality of black identity.

Acrylicize collaborated with a number of regional artists to curate their work into different spaces throughout The Campus.


Cais Mukhayesh

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