Knotel at Old Sessions House

Knotel at Old Sessions House

For Knotel's The Workclub at Old Sessions House, captivating art and design schemes elevate the building's classical style.

Farringdon, London, UK
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Old Sessions House has a story to tell

Part shared workspace, part social hub, The Workclub at Old Sessions House is a living, breathing environment that urges connection and drives inspiration.

With an exciting new vision for the grand, domed, former courthouse in the Clerkenwell district of London, set out by Knotel’s Creative Director, Dean Connell, we were asked to curate artworks that would go above and beyond their vision and set the tone for each room.

Old Sessions House has been transformed into an environment that nurtures a new community at what Knotel refers to as a 'workclub', to inspire members to become the best versions of themselves.

Initial collaboration stage with Knotel's Creative team

“We collaboratively curated the collection to be expressive and aspirational. It provides a clear counterpoint to the grand Old Sessions House.”

Dean Connell, Creative Director at Knotel

Studio Lenca

Curatorial Philosophy

The building as a brief

The original concept of ‘A place where the sky dreamer meets the future you’, formed a start point for our curation, in reference to the personalities and aspirations of those who would occupy and activate the space. Yet, with its character, elegance, and grit, the building itself became the brief.

The beautifully marked walls and floors of the House – cracked plaster, pencil markings, splashes of paint – are works of art in their own right, and bring the stories of previous occupiers of the building to life. Our curatorial strategy had to work harmoniously with this, to honour the House’s history, and build on Knotel’s modern new vision.

Brad Kenny

Kay Gasei

For Knotel, the traditional office dominated by the individual desk is now obsolete. Instead, inspired by the House, they envision a typical day as a variety of working, meeting and social 'sessions'.

Kay Gasei


Self-reflection, breaking barriers

Over 20 different artists were curated by the Acrylicize team, mainly based or born in London, to fill each room. These artists build a bridge between the House and its members, while cementing a permanent presence for the artists and their work. From silent workspaces with abstract pieces that feel transportive, to reference libraries with surreal photography meant to act as conversation starters, and relaxation rooms dotted with gentle, muted moments of respite that nod to the starting theme.

Fundamentally, we selected works that Knotel loved, and spoke the House’s truth. Through our curation work, we want to help the featured artists break barriers, to provide them with a platform, to offer them access to a space often considered inaccessible to many. Much of the work is self reflective; you can get a sense of who the artists are and what they represent, which allows them as individuals to become part of the identity of the House.

Paul Fuentes

Kieren Gallear

Kay Gasei

Artist Focus: Studio Lenca and Kay Gasei

Acrylicize curator, Martin Mayorga, visits Studio Lenca at TKE Studio in Margate, then travels to meet Kay Gasei at his studio in West London. Full interview with Studio Lenca here

Studio Lenca

Insight into the Curatorial Process

Acrylicize's Curatorial team worked with Knotel to develop concepts and install work on-site.

“The space is very weighted, with a lot of history. To have me - a Salvadoran, queer LatinX artist - in the space, it’s subverting the narrative in a way.”

Studio Lenca

'Tiger Motel', by Paul Fuentes




Interior Design

Dean Connell

Emily Nokes

Photography & Styling

Special thanks

Adire African Textiles

Pangolin London

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