Public Art at Seattle Design Festival

Seattle Design Festival

BloomHouse is a community expression of the transformative experiences that have come to define the years 2020 and 2021.

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BloomHouse is an evolving, additive art installation exploring the enclosures we have experienced this past year and our process of venturing into the next chapter.

BloomHouse provided a prompt and gave the community a voice to reflect on our collective experiences during the past year. Throughout the weekend the installation transformed through creative expression representative of the lasting and impactful memories, knowledge, and transformations that emerged across the past 18 months.

Our Creative process

etched illustrations

Almost every inch was filled with paint; a visual recognition of our community experience.

seattle team build

a closer look


Community interaction

Festival-goers and passersby paused to reflect, mourn, and celebrate all that’s emerged and evolved during 18 months of a global pandemic, political tension, and deep focus regarding social justice across our country.  Some people responded to one another while others pointed, photographed, or silently digested the unmistakable truth that our community has mixed emotions, perspectives, and beliefs regarding these shared experiences.  Some flinched, some smiled, but everyone engaged with their hearts wide open.


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