'Equilibrium' at Wembley Park

Wembley Park

Wembley Park unveils 'Equilibrium', a new public art exhibition by female artists to mark International Women's Day 2023

Wembley Stadium London
Open Dates
8th March - June 23rd


Wembley Park has revealed a major new series of public artworks for their Spring Art Trail. Curated by Acrylicize, the free outdoor art trail winds its way around the 85-acre neighbourhood. Launching on 8th March 2023, International Women’s Day, the ‘Equilibrium’ exhibition will feature the work of female artists from around the world, presenting their own explorations of balance, unity, harmony, and equality.

The curatorial narrative explores the ideas of balance, harmony with nature and self-identity, themes which, although varied, are linked at their core. These themes are explored through an international collection of female artists who address each subject in their own unique way. This collection of works aims to provide moments of inspiration, conversation and reflection throughout the site.

Bespoke Installation

The centrepiece of the ‘Equilibrium’ exhibition is ‘Steps for Change’ – a digital design on graphic vinyl, on display upon the Spanish Steps. A bespoke installation by Acrylicize Designer Emma Wild, ‘Steps for Change’ connects with the UN’s theme for International Women’s Day 2023 of ‘DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality’, which focuses on increasing skills and awareness in the digital world to help close the gender gap in economic and social inequalities.

Steps of Change, Acrylicize Designer: Emma Wild

Steps of Change, Acrylicize Designer: Emma Wild

"A public art trail filled with moments of curiosity, excitement and intrigue across the entirety of the Spring Trail.”

Jo McLaughlin, Acrylicize Curator

Sun-Kissed, Curated Artist: Fiona Grady

Jelly Experiments Series, Artist: Lucy Hardcastle, Curator: Hervisions

“We are thrilled to bring together so many thought-provoking and inspiring artworks"

Josh McNorton, Cultural Director, Wembley Park

Jelly Experiments Series, Artist: Lucy Hardcastle Curator: Hervisions



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