LinkedIn London

Working with the brand to celebrate their new headquarters – an 83,000 square foot development at The Ray in Farringdon, which was once home to The Guardian newspaper – we created a series of artworks and installations that represent the spirit of LinkedIn.

With the local area’s history of cabinet making and joinery, this bespoke InBug has been crafted using a blend of different wood finishes, used to represent the various boroughs across London. Inlaid brass has been used to recreate the path of the Thames river, weaving through the centre of the city, drawing the eye to this statement piece situated in the reception of Linkedin.

London Wall
Focusing on the often overlooked craft and detail that can be found in the architecture and design detail of London’s underground, London Wall uses bespoke tiles that incorporate these intricate motifs with the Linkedin logo. The tiles used in this wall have been created by the manufacturers supplying the London Underground. This is one of many feature walls situated in Linkedin offices around the world – each reflecting the city in which it’s situated, drawing on elements from local culture and design. 

Seal the Deal
A playful take on the traditional handshake, this neon-style lighting piece represents the process of ‘sealing the deal’. Continually changing throughout the day to illustrate a fist pump, high five and handshake, this programmed digital artwork is a celebration of the successful connections made. 

Economic Graph
A graphic representation of the many connections made via Linkedin, this piece illustrates the limitless opportunities the platform offers. With detail engraved into a wood carefully chosen to reflect the interiors of the building scheme, each Linkedin office has their own version of this economic graph, existing as a reminder of the reach Linkedin has. 


The Facts:




Tile, wood, metal




London, UK

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