Still Life: Brookfield Properties

A new digital artwork by Acrylicize commissioned by Brookfield Properties for Citypoint, London.

A love letter to the beauty and simplicity of nature and the fundamental joy of expression. This ‘living’ art work depicts a bunch of Lillys sat by a window in a vibrantly illustrated still life scene.

The installation invites you to consider the very essence of what it means to be alive by dancing to the tune of the weather outside via direct metrological data inputs, feeding the work in real time. As such, depending on the weather, the flowers open and close, stretch towards the sun, blow gently in the wind, thrive in the rain and freeze over in the cold. This subtle but vital movement is compounded by life forms of other kinds making appearances through out the day from pollinating bees to inquisitive butterflies all drawn in by the colour and vibrancy of the buds natural cycle.

Still Life is designed to be ever changing from a viewing perspective and invites us to appreciate the simple magic of nature which is constantly around us but so often over looked.

A project very much born out of lockdown, the work takes advantage of scale to place nature front and centre in our conciseness as a reminder to cherish the world around us as we navigate an increasingly changing climate and the re-building of the natural environment.

Creative Direction: James Burke

Illustration: Connie Wright

Project Management: Jack Hoyland

Animation: Shiney Eye

Programming: Big Green Design, Steve Green


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