Unilever Four Acres

Unilever Four Acres

Collaborating with emerging artists to visualise the values and purpose of Unilever’s Four Acres Centre of Leadership

Four Acres, Kingston Upon Thames
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Curated Artists

This collection of works looks to celebrate purpose activism, wellness, leadership and sustainability, constantly provoking curiosity beyond the first look.

Over 50 years ago, Unilever acquired Four Acres, a site in Kingston upon Thames. Four Acres is a place of transformation, an oasis of mindful wellness and a beacon for Unilever’s values and beliefs of Purpose, Leadership and Sustainability. Acrylicize has curated an extensive collection of 90 artworks from the Unilever Art Collection, Unilever Archives, new commissions and within Acrylicize's Educational Outreach Program.

Student Commissions

Working with Unilever, Studio KT1, Kingston University and through our Educational Outreach Program, we commissioned nine students and recent graduates to create bespoke artworks for display at Four Acres. The artists responded through sculpture, artificial intelligence, illustrations, painting, and photography, working to the brand guidelines of popular Unilever brands: Marmite, Lynx, Persil, Vaseline, Surf, Knorr, Hellmann’s and Lifebuoy.

This enriching process has allowed young artists to gain work experience and exposure as part of the renewed Unilever Art Collection. We curated their talents and skills to produce a collection of artworks honouring a range of Unilever brands for the Four Acres break-out rooms.

Student workshop

Collaborating with emerging artists to curate artworks celebrating Unilever’s core values.

Artist: ellie perry

Artist: ellie perry

Through our Educational Outreach Program, we have enabled the early-career artists from Kingston University and Studio KT1, to gain first-hand experience in the art industry.

Martin Mayorga, Acrylicize Curator

Curated Collection

We collaborated with emerging artists to connect their practices and works to our client’s ideas. The variety of work strongly relates to the ethos of either Four Acres or the Unilever brands, depicting sustainability, wellness or leadership through a multitude of mediums. 

Commissioned artists

Bespoke pieces created by emerging international artists

artist:Hannah Rowan

artist: Scarlett Bowman

Artist: Eve de Haan

Artist: Nicholas May

Left Artist: Imogen Andrews Right artist: Eve de Haan



Martin Mayorga

Chantelle Purcell

Educational Partners


Jack Hobhouse 

Connie Wright

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